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The Neurosciences Institute is at an early 

stage of development, but now suficiently 

mature to be held accountable to the 

community, thus is privileged to issue

this annual “report card.” Guided by our 

vision of becoming a nationally recognized 

center for care of patients with disorders 

of the nervous system, we have taken

a programmatic approach focusing on 

speciic patient conditions or needs.

Our strategy is to create patient-centered, coordinated multidisciplinary teams caring for a

given brain, spine or nerve disorder using the best in evidence-based practice, state-of-the-art 

technology, and innovative clinical research. Each of our programs is physician-led, with members 

from multiple disciplines coordinating care focused on a speciic patient need, with process 
improvement always in mind. Some programs are much more mature than others, but all share 

the same passion. We are continually learning how to do work better as it’s being done. Metrics of 

outcomes and inancial value are embedded in each program.

As we evolve from a hospital- and physician-centric model to one where our community is able to 

easily access a seamless continuum of care, we believe the programmatic approach for specialized 
Neuroscience services reported herein is a critical asset.

When faced with increasing commoditization of the computer industry through mass market 

competitors such as Dell, Microsoft, Gateway, etc., Steve Jobs observed “If Apple is going

to succeed, we are going to win on innovation. And you can’t win on innovation unless you have 
a way to communicate to customers.”

We too believe that innovation is a key ingredient to success in optimal healthcare delivery. Both 

process and technological innovation are needed. Integrating highly specialized services through 

overlap of key core technologies and expert competencies is the challenge we face. The annual 

report of the Neurosciences Institute is an early milepost in responding to that challenge. We still 
have a long journey ahead.


Michael Brant-Zawadzki, MD, FACR

The Ron and Sandi Simon Endowed Chair, 
Executive Medical Director, Neurosciences 

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian


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